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What customers say about Belanich Builders & Remodeling Home Services
The design concept and ideas were remarkable, too see outside the box and adding real value to any remodel job. 
 Dealing with the unexpected issues that come up as the work is under way is not a problem with this team. All handled with a personal touch and lots of pride is what makes the end result turn out so extreme. 

 Sharlene M.                                                             6/21/2014
Super Jim renovated my old ugly garage into a beautiful studio mother-in-law 5 years ago. He showed up at the agreed-upon time and worked hard until the job was complete. His work ethic is really impressive.

We are currently working together again to remodel my kitchen. He walked in and instantly had an "eye" for what needs to be done to retain the original style yet add new character. Again, he's on time and working hard. 
I am the luckiest home-owner in West Seattle because I know Jim! :)

 Brita L.                                                                  9/19/2013 
I hesitate to write a good review as Jim's time will fill up and he won't be available to me. I have worked with two architects and other contractors and Jim stands apart from them all. Jim has completely remodeled my basement and has done many other projects on my 102 year old home. He has wonderful practical and beautiful ideas for homes. He is priced very reasonably; is dependable; and there will be no contractor horror stories about him - ever. Sometimes things have taken longer than expected, but that is to be expected, especially with an old home. Jim will not ever sacrifice quality to get something done fast. His work is as solid as it gets with no short cuts. He takes great pride in his work and is a true craftsman. He is as trustworthy a person as you will find in this world. If you need a contractor and don't hire him, well then you are making a foolish decision.

 Lori H.                                                                    1/18/2014 
We hired Belanich Builders for our basement remodel after seeing several properties that the owner, Jim Belanich, remodeled. We have nothing but good things to say about Jim's work! It is impeccable! He's a true craftsmen and takes great pride in his designs and construction. Jim is honest and has the utmost integrity which is so refreshing after working with other trades people during the last ten years on home projects. I would highly recommend Belanich Builders to anyone looking for an experienced professional for their home or small business project.

 Earl I.                                                                   9/28/2013 
I would just like to say that if you or someone you care about is considering doing a remodel you have definitely found a good guy. I worked with Jim for years back in the early eighties at Pizza Pete then Round Table Pizza in West Seattle and can say that he was the reason the restaurant did so well. He made everyone there feel like they were part of a family. He was a great manager to work with. Feel at ease, go on and hire him there is no possible way that you would be disappointed.

 Emily F                                                               6/17/2014 
Jim remodeled my kitchen and I love it. I have a 1917 bungalow and he helped me figure out a design that increased the cabinet and counter space while still matching the style of the house. People always comment on it when they come over. Plus, he helped me stay within my budget. He's my go-to guy for everything house related and he's great to work with.